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Commercial Reasons to improve your Businesses Green Credentials

In addition to the advantages promoting your companies thoughtful and caring approach to business and the environment there are significant financial advantages to investing in Green Technology. Due to recent legislation all costs associated with the installation of green technologies can be claimed directly against profits so these can be used to offset present profits against a future income stream. The tables below indicate the short term and long term returns that could be achieved  by installing these technologies for both small and medium sized companies:

Further Information is available from the Carbon Trust

Follow this link to see if your Company Qualifies for interest Free loans to help the environment and improve your companies Green Credentials


Installation costs deductible against Tax

Up to 20% return

Feed in Tariff index linked and guaranteed for 20 years

Energy savings will increase in line with energy inflation

Energy generated will run computers, lighting, air conditioning machinery

System size Cost Nett Cost FIT/RHI Export Saving on Elec Total Saving** % Return Payback

10.5kW £16,502.51  £ 13,202.01  £1,134.51 £203.41 £1,341.43 £2,679.35 20.3% 4.93yrs

4kW £6,233.78  £   4,987.02  £432.20 £79.66 £511.02 £1,022.88 20.5% 4.88yrs

2kW £4,014.83  £   3,211.87  £255.51 £39.83 £216.10 £511.44 15.9% 6.28yrs

**There may be tax payable on income from Feed in Tariffs and Export.

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