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UK Government
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Low Power Lighting

In addition to generating your own power every effort should be made to reduce the consumption of electricity and this can be helped by using specific low Power lighting and Aaron Green have  some excellent products. Our low power lighting achieves greater efficiency and reduced maintenance by the following methods:

· More power to light instead of power to heat

· No light pollution- direct light source aimed at where you want it.

· Long life span> 10 years = low maintenance cost on bulb replacements

· Self contained units that require minimal maintenance.

· Impact resistant casing reduces the effects of vandalism

· Proven technology in a cost effective package

· Useful to provide lighting where no main exists like walkways and park areas

· Cheaper installation with no mains installation costs when using solar powered solutions

Remote Power

We can supply power in  remote areas such as stables, barns, sports changing rooms, long driveways etc. by combining our energy generating products and low power devices we at Aaron Green can calculate your power requirements and can provide you with the optimum solution for remote power at  your location.