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Using the sun’s energy to create electricity, PV systems only require daylight – not direct sunlight – to work PV systems convert solar radiation into electricity The simplest systems provide electricity to a building directly, but they can also be used with batteries to store energy or be connected to the main grid The efficiency of a PV system is affected by its location and aspect with southerly locations and south facing panels being more effective

Where can they be used?

Solar PV systems are suitable for use in almost any building. They need a suitable south facing area for panels to be mounted, and can be used as a stand-alone electricity supply directly to the building, or can be connected to the main grid

What are the key benefits?

Payback is possible in less than 10years, They do not generate greenhouse gases, saving CO2 emissions. Grants are no longer available but the Generous Feed in Tariffs available from April 2010 dramatically reduce the pay-back period with payback in as little as 10 years. There are a number of installation options available including on-roof, canopy, facade, sky light and complete roof solutions.

Installing solar panels

Although easy to install, the location and aspect, weather, shade and tilt should all be considered first – these factors will affect the performance of the system.

Planning permission may also be required. The PV system can connect in to the local electricity network, any excess can be sold back to the grid. Contact your local electricity provider for further details. In a stand-alone system, solar electricity is stored in a battery for use at a later time.

You can use PV systems for a building with a roof or wall that faces within 90º of South, as long as no other large buildings or trees shadow it. In England changes to permitted development rights for domestic renewable technologies mean that most solar PV installations do not require planning permission as long as they respect certain size criteria. Exceptions will apply for installations on flat roofs, listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas.

Financial Return

By taking advantage of what are still generous feed in Tariffs and with Aarongreen’s extremely competitive pricing, Solar PV systems can still yield investment returns of greater than 15%, these returns are index linked and tax free. By installing our sample 4kW system at a cost of £6000 you could achieve returns of up 15%. This is where the money will come from:

1. Annual Earnings from Feed in Tariff For every kW produced you will be paid £0.149P which is     £412.91

2. Earnings from Export to the National Grid You are paid 4.94p for 50% of each kW produced         £64.29

3. Savings on your Electricity Bill Each kW produced can reduce your bill by                                        £423.99

Total Annual Earnings and Savings £901.19

TWith Energy bills expected to rise above inflation for 17 years ( this would mean that returns from savings would outpace the returns due to the Feed in Tariff.

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