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Air Source Heat Pumps



Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps extract the latent heat in the air and unbelievably can still extract heat from air temperatures of down to -20 degrees Centigrade; if you work in offices and factories you will probably already be heated by Air Source Heat Pumps and as you will know, these systems work vey well; there can be some degradation of performance at lower temperatures and for the few hours in the year when this means that the unit cannot provide the heating an electric back up Unit is usually included. The range comprises suitable products for a variety of buildings and heating requirements.

Where can they be used?

There are a number of types of air source heat pumps available to suit the heating requirement of any building, whether it’s a new build or existing. They comprise of an indoor and an outdoor Unit, the Indoor Unit usually containing any Hot water storage required.

What are the key benefits?

Very energy efficient – producing up to five times more heat for every unit of electricity used. Environmentally friendly – a typical unit can save up to tonnes of CO per year. Maintenance free. Designed to achieve 400% efficiency with radiators and underfloor heating systems.

Installing a Air Source Heat pump

An Air Source Heat Pump can be installed with a with the outdoor unit several metres form the indoor unit. Electrical and plumbing installation is straightforward. It requires only a 240V mains supply and a simple flow and return connections to internal and external water circuits.