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Copyrights © Aaron Green Limited 1985-2013. All rights reserved. AaronGreen is known for its quality Solar PV installations around UK, North Wales,
Manchester, Merseyside, Warrington, Cheshire and Lancashire

Why choose Aaron Green?

We are Engineers and Installers, not double glazing or conservatory sales men. We do not use high pressure selling Techniques employed by some of our competitors.

If you invite us to your home for a discussion of green energy poducts we will survey your house for suitability, we will discuss what you want and what benefits these will provide and give you recomendations and quotes which you can read at your leisure.

If you want an actual no obligation Quote speak to us.

Unlike some other companies we will not just stay in your house until you sign.


All Renewable Energy Companies who come to your home are covered by the Doorstep Selling Regulations and the following are some things to watch out for:

Sales staff should only stay for a time reasonable to complete the survey and discuss your requirements for the puposes of the quote.

The REA rules which bind all MCS accredited companies do not allow sales staff to stay more than 2 hours, If at any time you want them to leave, tell them to go and they should. If they will not report them to the MCS.

You don’t need to sign straight away

We don’t expect you to sign a contract on the visit; we will provide you with a personalised competitive quote within a few days, you can then think about it and accept it if and if and when you are ready.

By law you always have a 7 day Cooling off period

They may not tell you this but by law you always have this whether you have been pressured or not. If you are
unsure about your purchase or feel you have been pressured into a sale, cancel it, if the quote you recieved didn’t contain a Cancelation form just put your cancelation in writing. Do the business in your own time, on your terms and with a company you can trust.

For details of the REA Code please follow the following link:

For Energy Advice and Solar PV

We are a small company with no salesman, no pressure selling so low overheads which means ferociously competitive prices.

Call Chris on 01942 366289 or email for a Quote.

These are examples of some of our current offers:

4kW Systems installed for £6000 giving returns of up to 15%

2kW Systems installed for £4000 giving  returns of up to 12%