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SOLAR Hot Water


By heating your water using the sun’s radiation, thermal collectors provide almost  all your hot water during the summer and an average of 50-70% annually. The liquid that  circulates the panels is heated by the sun, this then passes through a coil in the water tank  which in turn heats the water. A twin coil cylinder is required, as one coil receives the heat  from the collector on the roof, and the other is used to supply heat from the main heat  source when solar energy is insufficient.    

Where can they be used?

Although typically used domestically,  there are solar thermal systems on the  market to cater for any size of building.  Ideally they will need to be mounted on a  south facing surface, which receives direct  sunlight for most of the day.

What are the benefits?

Reduces CO2 emissions on an average  domestic system by up to 400kg per year  (depending on the fuel being replaced).  Easy-to-install and maintain.  They can easily be integrated with other  heating systems to meet the additional  hot water requirements during winter.

Installing solar thermal systems

There are a number of installation options  available including surface-mounted  options for pitch or flat roofs, A-frames,  in-roof and complete roof installation,  canopy or facade construction.  Aaron Green can advise you on the best  solution for your project.  Solar thermal systems need to be  connected to a twin coil cylinder –  which is often bigger than a standard  hot water cylinder. One coil receives  heat from the solar collector on the roof,  while the second receives heat from the  other main heat source when there is  insufficient sunlight.  Aaron Green  offer a full range of hot water  cylinders and can advise you on the  correct size of cylinder for your project.  Space should be allowed for these  cylinders when planning your project.  You will need 2-4 m2 of South-East to  South-West facing roof space.  The Bpec Solar Hot Water course on  the opposite page provides the training  required to install both flat plate and  evacuated tubes solar systems.

Solar Hot Water (HW)

Solar Hot Water